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“…dance even if the music stops.”

Hey there, welcome! I'm Brittany and life has certainly handed me a few seasons that made me want to stop dancing. But I’ve learned, and yet learning, to dance even if the music stops.

Know Purpose started in summer 2014 with a desire to share my story in hopes others would find freedom in their own, create and sell a tee, and give away some scholarships. That’s about it. Surprisingly, the tee and its message resonated pretty deeply with my community, and eventually other communities. What happened was beyond me and so beautiful to witness. Only God could have orchestrated it. People connected their own personal stories to the tee's message and began to share what it meant to them. To this day, I smile thinking of the beginning of it all.

Five years later, I never imagined I'd still be here, creating and writing. Definitely was not apart of my plans. God certainly has plans of His own. I've always believed in the power of speaking life and putting love into the world. Writing and creating apparel are my ways of doing so.

All in all, I'm simply here to encourage, connect through our stories and seasons of life, plant a few seeds, and most all, love to the One. Thanks for journeying with me. I’m glad you’re here. Oh, and if you ever want to grab coffee or sit around and freestyle with me, I’m down.