Comfy Is The New Cute Sweatshirt

Comfy Is The New Cute Sweatshirt


Who doesn’t love comfy clothes? All the comfy clothes lovers let’s unite soon and have one big party -   comfy dress code strictly enforced. FOR THE WIN. But seriously, beyond the comfy clothes, are we truly comfortable in the skin God created us in? Because that’s what matters most. We don’t have to change who we are to fit a mold or make the world love us more. We’re already loved, just as we are. We exist simply because of love, His love. Be comfortable in the   skin God created you, for that’s what’s truly cute, what’s truly beautiful.

Sweatshirt details: This sweatshirt is soft, comfy, and fits slightly over-sized. If you desire to wear with leggings, we suggest one size larger than your typical tee size, like the size of your favorite slouchy tee. If you desire a more polished look, we suggest your tee size.

Items are made upon order. Please allow 3-5 business days for item to ship. Appreciate your patience and can’t wait to get your sweatshirt to you.


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