you are not forgotten

dear beautiful creation:

you are destined for more,
so many wonderful things I have in store. 
I know times get hard and make you question a lot,
but as your Father, know that I haven't forgot.

for you I have a purpose,
for you I have a plan. 
for you are not forgotten,
my fearfully, wonderfully crafted man.

oh, and daughter too,
trust me My child.
I'll never leave or forsake you,
it'll be worth your while.

pick up your head,
and come to Me.
you'll find everything you need,
at my feet.

you no longer have to search,
you no longer have to hide.
in Me you are complete,
in Me you are alive.

there will be greater, 
there will be more. 
hang on to Me,
for beautiful things I have in store.


God hasn't forgotten about you, even when it seems like He has. He loves you so deeply and you are at the very center of His thoughts. Always.