love is easy

Today I was surfacing Apple music looking for some new jams. I ran across Ella Mai’s new album and thought I’d give it a listen. I got to one song in particular, “Easy,” and from the first chord I just knew I was going to love it. Oh, and I did. So I did what anyone who runs across a new song that they love do – listen to it 3,000 times in a row, of course.

The first 3 or 4 times I really focused on the melody, the softness, the ease, her beautiful voice. The next 3 times I listened to the words and thought they were absolutely beautiful, but I didn’t personally connect with them from a relational standpoint. Well, at least I thought I didn’t.

Around the 8th time or so of listening, something shifted. It was as if God was speaking those words directly from her voice to my heart. “Love is easy, easy. So don’t you make it hard...” The lyrics took me back. They had me reminiscing about earlier days.

As a child I grew up in church, but really didn’t give Christ my heart until the summer leading into my senior year of college after my first heartbreak. Goodness, boys. Ahhhh lol. Honestly, that heartbreak was the BEST thing to ever happen to and for me. It led me into the arms of the greatest Love of all, the arms of our Father.

But here’s the thing, though I’d found the truest Love I’ve ever known, I didn’t always feel as though I could measure up, as if I could be enough for Him, for His love. I didn’t want to disappoint Him, so I worked nonstop to prove my love and secure my place in His heart, in His arms. Though my motive was good, I had it all wrong. I honestly couldn’t enjoy the relationship wholeheartedly for what it was – who has time for enjoyment in the midst of constant striving?

I didn’t grow up with my biological father in my life, and honestly, I really didn’t think I cared one way or another. That’s until I experienced the love of a Father, our Father. He was everything I never knew I needed, and my striving came from my unwillingness to lose Him and His love. I’ve since grown and matured in Him, and know there’s nothing we can do to earn or lose His love. It’s simply a free gift.

He’s a God of limitless love, and He’s certainly not after performance or works. His love is not difficult. His love is not complicated. His love can’t be earned nor does it have a prerequisite called striving. His love is not hard, but it’s easy. His love is light. His love is tender. His love is sweet. His love is inviting. His love is a gift with a no return policy, and it is forever ours.