My Story Is Still Being Written Tee

My Story Is Still Being Written Tee

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No matter where you are in your story of life, never lose hope, never give up. We all go through tough times and experience wilderness seasons. It’s just a part of life. Every page has a purpose, even the ones we’d rather skip over. If you’re there, know that it is temporary. You are merely passing through. It is not your permanent home. God is still writing your story and there are so many beautiful pages to come. Your story is still being written.

Tee details: This tee is soft, comfy, and is a unisex fit. 

Note: Black distressed tee pictured and is a slightly thicker and higher quality tee than basic crewneck.

Items are made upon order. Please allow 3-5 business days for item to ship. Thank you for your being so patient. Really appreciate you.

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