Made Perfect Tee

Made Perfect Tee


As I closed the door to my sixth grade classroom to begin class, I noticed a student with a sad look on her face. I asked her to go into the hall with me and inquired about what was going on. With huge tears in her eyes, she looked at me and whispered that another student was making fun of her forehead. As the tears began to flow down her face, I looked at her and said, "Girl please, you are going to model someday or be absolutely anything you want to be. You are beautiful. Someone else's opinion does not determine the course of your life." The sheer look on her face after I said those words to her I will never forget. Her face lit up and a smile the size of Texas radiated from her. I shared with her how as a child people would say things about my round face and their comments would make me feel like I wasn't pretty enough, but I had to learn to love it. I had to become comfortable with me.

Made Perfect is about embracing the skin that you're in and so much more. As I was reading the bible one day, I came across James 2:22, "Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?" Though used in a different context in this scripture, God began to give me the vision for Made Perfect. Though we as humans are completely flawed, we are made perfect through Christ. Even as adults, we have moments when we feel as though we don't measure up. We may make assumptions that someone else's life is more fulfilling or purposeful than our own. Don't get confused by the glitz and the glam, everyone has a story to tell.

Last year was a pretty tough year for me for a number of reasons. One specifically, I decided to close my retail store to try a new business structure and I heard numerous times, "I'm so sorry your business failed, I'm sorry you didn't make it." I tried to explain I was trying a new business model, but I could tell most people thought it was an excuse. After the fiftieth person or so, I stopped explaining. I just accepted it. Since I was a child, my biggest fear had been failure and from the eyes of others I had did just that. Most people meant well with their remarks, but I still couldn't help but feel like I failed. During that period of my life, I really struggled with my purpose. I lost my confidence and was merely going through the motions of life. Looking back, I'm thankful for that experience. It was during that time that God showed me how success had become an idol in my life and He had to dethrone it. He had to check me and my affections. I've since reopened my store, but if I were to close it tomorrow I would be just fine because that's not who I am, just what I do. Through that experience, I truly learned that my identity, my value, is not in my career, the car I drive, the clothes I wear, or even who I will someday marry, but it's solely in Christ.

I'm completely flawed, y'all. I've made many mistakes. I'm far from perfect. I don't have it all together, but I'm sure thankful I know Someone who does. I am Made Perfect only through Christ and without Him I'm absolutely nothing. And you know what? You're made perfect, too.

Tee details: Tee is soft, comfy, and fits true to size.

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